Jules Prototype Process

Jules studio is in bucolic Red Bank, New Jersey, USA overlooking the majestic Navesink River. Jules prototypes begin in a base of colored foam or sparkling glitter paper and are heavily embellished by hand with flowers, crystals, sequins. Flora and fauna are added to complete the vibrant, whimsical scenes shown below. The prototypes are then digitized and printed on Italian leather and high-quality satin. Craftsman in London, England, assemble and sew the handbag components by hand before the finished products travel across the pond to Jules studio for distribution to Jules fans worldwide. 


The Molly scene represents the iconic hotel and Navesink River, which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean, winding its way through the bucolic towns of Sea Bright, Rumson, Fair Haven and Red Bank New Jersey. 

The views of the river at any time of day, or year, are breathtaking and represented on the Molly bag as a bright fair weather scene complete with seagulls and sailboats to capture the feeling of  living life on the river.  


 The Puffin! scene was created to honor the sweet little birds, and give them a home beyond Iceland and the North. 

During a 2nd visit to Iceland, Jules love for the "Clowns of the Sea" and the terrain in the"Land of Fire and Ice" inspired the Puffin! bag, complete with an homage to the  Langjokull  glacier, the phenomenal Aurora Borealis, the towering Eyjafjallajökull volcano and the breathtaking Blue Lagoon. 


 The Lago scene is reminiscent of a secret garden discovered during Jules childhood. 

A small tranquil lake bordered by a canopy of trees provided a place for the mind to wander and the soul to connect with nature.  Surrounded by aquatic plants, smooth rocks and curious creatures , it was the perfect place to spend some time in the warm sun, enjoying a cool breeze.